Cross-chain Liquidity Migration DEX to DEX

Migrate your liquidity from other Chains' DEXs to Elektrik

After the mainnet launch of Elektrik v1, a gateway for users to bridge their liquidity safely onto Lightlink chain will be opened.

Elektrik DEX simplifies cross-chain liquidity migration, providing users with a hassle-free and efficient way to move their assets from one DEX to another in a single click. With our user-friendly platform built on the LightLink Layer 2 chain, you can securely transfer your liquidity between different decentralized exchanges without the burden of manual processes.

In just one click, Elektrik DEX covers the following steps:

  1. Removes liquidity from the current DEX, ensuring a seamless transition.

  2. Bridges the liquidity from the current chain to the destination chain, ensuring secure asset transfer.

  3. Adds the liquidity with the same parameters chosen by the user at the previous chain, saving time and effort.

To further streamline the process, Elektrik DEX will charge the gas amount for these transactions upfront.

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