Lightlink Bridge

Before you start trading on Elektrik, you first need some of the ETH supply on lightlink and possibly other tokens supported by lightlink bridge. Lightlink Bridge BETA here

LightLink, a high-performance and secure network built on Ethereum, offers fast and cost-effective transactions through L2 scaling solutions. Designed to onboard new users, it supports gasless execution with flexible fee options (ETH at launch and LL in the future). With efficient transaction ordering and batching mechanisms, LightLink's versatile nature suits a wide range of applications, including our Elektrik DEX, catering to enterprises, gaming, ticketing, and more, fostering an on-chain future.

With lightlink bridge, you can get supply of Goreli ETH/ ETH to your lightlink wallet address along with the following assets that have been added to the testnet bridge, follow the link for each to find them on Goerli network.

Tokens indicated are able to be minted directly via the contract. Other tokens may be traded for on Uniswap for Goerli ETH. Find the list of token address on lightlink here.

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