Trading - Token Swaps

Just like any other AMM platform, Elektrik token swapping works on the available liquidity in the pool. For example: DAI and MATIC.

  1. Price Impact: The change in asset price caused by a trade's size relative to the liquidity available in the AMM, impacting the slippage experienced by traders.

  2. Network Fees: The charges incurred for transactions on the blockchain, which vary depending on network congestion and transaction complexity.

  3. Minimum Output: The minimum amount of the desired output asset a trader will receive, protecting against excessive slippage and unfavorable trades.

  4. Expected Output: The anticipated amount of output asset a trader should receive based on the initial trade input, factoring in price impact and liquidity conditions.

Simple Steps to Execute your first Trade:

  1. Go to the exchange here.

  2. Connect your wallet clicking on the button in the top right corner of the web app 'connect wallet.

  1. Choose the tokens you want to trade from the supported tokens in the dropdown:

  1. Next, either type an amount in the upper section to input the number of tokens you want to swap (spending amount). Or, type an amount in the lower section to input the number of tokens you want to swap to (receiving amount).

    Whichever section you input your amount, the amount in the other section will be estimated automatically.

  2. Check all the details, and click the Swap button. You would need to approve the token if you are trading it for the first time on this DEX.

  3. A window with more details will appear. Review your swap and hit confirm swap.

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